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KayRa 0.2a released! Try out the new SWT GUI and provide your feedback please!

Initial pre-alpha release of KayRa 0.1a! Download and try it out!

What is KayRa?

KayRa is a Web Application Auditing Tool that tests the security of your Web Site. On a basic level of operation, KayRa will grab a specified page from a specified site and test it for the following:

  • Invalid Form Data

  • Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

  • SQL Injection

  • Security of JavaScript or VBScript

It also queires the Web server and gains as much information as possible through the returned headers.

Error Page Retrieval

KayRa will try its best to cause errors on your website. The results of these errors will then be analyzed and further information will be noted. Examples include:

  • MS SQL Server [ODBC] Errors

  • PHP Errors

Best Guess Functionality

KayRa will do the utmost to ascertain what webserver is being run. It will not stop if the server headers have been altered. Through certain webserver signatures, KayRa will provide a best guess as to what webserver you are running.